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 How Much To Budget For Car Maintenance & The Basics

How Much To Budget For Car Maintenance & The Basics

After your car has traveled a certain distance, it will need to have a motor vehicle service. Scheduling maintenance for your car means that qualified technicians check it over and use genuine parts for those that are showing signs of wear and tear.

How much to budget for car maintenance depends on certain factors because some car manufacturers offer free servicing packages to new car owners. But after that, it will be important to maintain your car to ensure less trouble and a smooth ride.

Check your car’s manual

Remember to check your car’s manual as is will provide insight into its maintenance schedule.

Everything is so expensive these days so how much to budget for car maintenance and how often should your car have a maintenance check over?

Studies by AAA or American Automobile Association tell us that a new car’s routine maintenance could cost in the region of  $1,200 each year, so you can see why it is important to budget for this expense.

A maintenance plan is much the same thing as a service plan where spark plugs, filters and lubricants are checked. You can actually buy a maintenance plan, some of which come with other benefits like Roadside Assistance. This is useful for when you experience a mechanical breakdown that can’t be fixed on the spot. Certainly, a maintenance plan is important as it reduces the risk of a breakdown.

Everything is checked – the lights, the windscreen wipers, the tires and their tread, your cars fluid level among other things. For those who aren’t familiar with the workings of their car, it pays to hand the car in at a reputable garage.

Anything out of place? Have Your Car serviced

How much to budget for car maintenance is a question that needs to be answered because getting it serviced timeously is looked upon as money well spent.

You get the pleasure of driving an energy-efficient car. If your car is old and requires a full service you can be sure that how much to budget for car maintenance, in this case, will be more as a much wider check will be required.

Some car brands give free maintenance services

For a basic car service, you want to have a thorough but affordable service that will ensure that you drive out the garage with confidence knowing your car’s good to go for a long while.

Look at the Toyota brand for instance. Budgeting for car maintenance with a brand like this could be in the region of about  $440 a year. It is thought that this is jolly reasonable when compared to other brands.

The first couple of years on new vehicles are free, and then costs start to increase. Nonetheless, Toyotas are of the more affordable vehicles to maintain. In fact, Toyota offers free maintenance for the first 2 years through their ToyotaCare. When you visit a dealer during this time, you’ll get genuine Toyota parts and certified technicians.

Nothing is set in stone with how much to budget for car maintenance because a lot depends on the age of the car and the car brand. For instance, a Japanese car such as the Honda Accord has quite a high maintenance cost, and you’ll also pay more for turbo models and sports cars.

You have to factor in the price of maintenance

Whether you buy a new or use car, you’ve always got to consider its future maintenance costs and not just the purchase price and the car insurance. It pays to do a bit of research just to get an idea on how much the average part will cost to replace.

One of the most expensive cars to maintain over a 10 year period is the BMW 328i and it could set you back about $16,000.  There are plenty of excellent cars with lower maintenance costs and one of these for instance is the Toyota Prius which is an eco-friendly vehicle too. The average price for maintaining your Prius over a period of 10 years is in the region of $4,000.

Maintenance – a hidden cost

How much to budget for car maintenance is something that is regarded as the hidden costs of buying a car. The price you pay for your car is by no means the end of your financial output as insurance and maintenance still have to be factored in.

Sometimes you will need costly repairs for your car and that is why some car owners prefer a maintenance plan. While careful driving can help decrease the chances of major repairs, good car maintenance will ensure you can plan that big road trip without the fear of your car breaking down and you facing massive repairs that will put an end to your getaway.

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