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jump start a car with a dead battery by calling smitty big towing and recoveryOur jump start service is quick and efficient and we’ll have you back on the road in no time!

Car batteries die at the most inconvenient times: like when you’re trying to get to or leave work, when you need to pick up your son from guitar lessons or your daughter from hockey practice, or when you’re heading out to pick up your date for the first time. Rarely do we get a call for a jumpstart when someone is going to the grocery store or out for a Sunday drive, although inconvenient still.

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Our tow truck drivers understand how frustrating car troubles can be. We also understand the stress most people feel when waiting for a jump start. After all, you have somewhere IMPORTANT to be. When we arrive, we’ll get right to work: we’ll check your battery to see if you just need a jump start or if you need to replace the battery or need a tow to your family mechanic. In our experience, you usually just need a quick jump start. The Chicago Tribune confirmed in their article, 9 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start: a dead battery is the #1 reason a car won’t start. 

​If that’s the issue upon our assessment, we’ll give your battery the juice it needs to get you on the road and back to your routine as fast as we can.

Did you know...

  • The average lifespan of a car battery is 3-4 years. If your battery is older than that, you should replace it as preventative maintenance.

  • If you have a broken switch in your trunk, it can prevent your trunk light from turning off and that can drain your battery.

  • Your electric car seats can drain your battery — especially if your car sits for a long period, like at an airport while you’re on vacation.

  • The most common cause of battery drain is “user error” — you forget to turn off your headlights or your dome lights, or you don’t close your car door all the way, which leaves the dome light on and drains the battery.

Unfortunately, sometimes the problem is more than just a dead battery. Other car parts problems that affect a battery’s ability to turn over include a bad:

  • Alternator
  • Starter
  • Fuel Pump

If this turns out to be your problem, we’ll get you and your car to your preferred mechanic. 

In a climate like ours in St. Paul and Minneapolis, we need to be sensitive to frozen fuel lines. Thankfully, this isn’t as common a problem as it used to be thanks to the ethanol that is now blended in the gas. However, as ASE-certified master mechanic Bob Weber explains, “Moisture in the air may condense in the fuel tank as the temperature changes and the liquid water then settles to the bottom of the tank.” Bob’s advice?  ” To avoid water in the tank, which could turn to ice in the lines, keep your tank at least half-full during very cold weather.”

Thinking of DIY Jumpstart? Think again!

If you are thinking of calling a friend to give you a jumpstart instead of a professional tow truck, please remember these tips, courtesy of YourMechanic.com:

  • Read the owner’s manual before attempting a jumpstart. Newer cars often have jumpstart lugs where the cables need to be attached instead of directly to the battery terminals. In some vehicles, certain precautions must be taken such as removing a fuse, or turning on the defroster. The owner’s manual should spell out any precautions that should be taken.
  • Verify the voltage of the battery in the vehicle doing the jumping. If they do not match, serious damage can occur to both vehicles.
  • Park the cars close but they should not be touching.
  • Unplug any accessories (think cell phones on a charger), the power surge generated by the jumpstart can short them out.
  • Headlights, radios, and turn signals (including hazard lights) should be off in both vehicles.

Whether you get a jump start from us or someone else, remember this — your car needs to run for at least 30 minutes to let the alternator fully charge the battery. If your friend’s efforts don’t succeed, Smitty Big Towing & Recovery is happy to be your back-up plan. Call us at​ 651.955.6475!

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