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336860821Let’s go ahead and say it: flat tires stink. But if you routinely drive a car, you’re bound to need flat tire assistance at least once in your lifetime. The key to getting through the inconvenience, in the least amount of time and with the least amount of trouble, is to have a plan for when your tire blows out. 

Will you replace your own flat tire or do you want someone to do it for you? If you plan to change the tire yourself, be sure you keep the proper tools in your car at all times.  The Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles recommends, “Besides the crucial jack, wrench, and spare tire, you might also want to consider placing these tools in your trunk to make a tire change much easier and more comfortable:

  • Flashlight (with extra batteries).
  • Gloves.
  • Tarp or mat to kneel on.                                                                                         
  • Plastic rain poncho.
  • Fix-a-flat™ spray foam.
  • Tire gauge.
  • Tire blocks.”

But, if your tire goes flat in rush hour traffic, late at night, when it’s cold outside, when you’re dressed up, while on a date, when you’re in an unfamiliar place, etc., you may not want to go to the hassle of changing the flat tire yourself. Give us a call at Smitty Big Towing & Recovery.  We’re dressed for the job, our tow truck is stocked with the necessary tools and, since we probably replace flat tires more frequently than you do, we’re faster at it than you will be. 

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Money-Saving Tips for Roadside Tire Service

Unfortunately, few insurance policies cover flat tire change or repair, so it’s important that you get a cheap tow truck in the Twin Cities since the payment is coming out of your pocket. You can rely on Smitty Big Towing for low flat tire change rates in the St Paul, Minneapolis and the entire metro area — without sacrificing service.

It’s definitely cheaper to have your flat tire changed roadside than it is to tow your car to a repair facility. So, keeping your spare tire in good condition is another way to save money when you have a flat tire.

According to Your Mechanic, the most neglected safety device on your car (or anyone’s car) is the spare tire. Think about it. When was the last time you even looked at your spare tire, let alone checked the air pressure, examined the tread and sidewalls for cracks, or checked the tread depth? If you’re like most people, probably never.

And — did you know that tires have a life expectancy of 10 years? So, if you’re spare tire is older than 10 years old, it’s time to replace it. Check the sidewall of the tire; the manufacture date should be there.

How to Avoid Having A Flat Tire

The ideal situation is never having to deal with a flat tire. Though that’s unlikely in a lifetime of driving, there are maintenance tips that can help minimize your chances of a flat tire. We checked with All State Insurance for their advice on preventing a flat tire.  Here’s what they recommend:
Check Your Air Pressure Regularly
“Underinflated tires with too little air pressure—are one of the most common causes of blowouts and flats. Underinflated tires produce more friction, which in turn causes excessive heating that could lead to a blowout. They also make driving more expensive, because they hurt your fuel economy. Overinflated tires, on the other hand, are more prone to damage from bumpy roads and potholes.”
Keep an Eye on Your Tire Treads
“Even tires with half their tread may be risky. Pay attention to the wear bars on your tire. Wear bars are indicator marks located between the tread pattern of your tires. When the wear bar is level with your treads-when the tires have worn down and become even with the wear bar—you know it’s time to get new tires.”
Rotate Your Tires When You Change Your Oil
“Because your vehicle’s weight is distributed unevenly, it places a different amount of stress on each wheel. In order to avoid uneven wear patterns and tread failure, you should regularly rotate your tires.” 

Avoid Driving Near Construction Sites and Other Hazardous Roadways
“Sharp rocks, nails, metal shards, glass, and large potholes can all cause punctures and flats. Whenever possible, avoid driving on the highway shoulder, which can be full of sharp rocks and debris from car accidents.”

Don’t Overload Your Car or Truck
Know the maximum load rating of your vehicle and don’t overload it. “Overloaded tires undergo more heat and friction and are far more likely to fail.”

 Be on the Lookout for Tire Recall Information
“Tire defects are relatively uncommon, but tires with defects can cause tread separation, where the tread becomes separated from the tire base. A good way to avoid becoming the victim of a recalled tire accident is to sign up for NHTSA’s Tire and Vehicle Recall Information email alerts.”  Simply enter your tire brand and if that brand issues a recall, the NHTSA will email you. 
Even with all the preventative maintenance, you’re still likely to have to deal with a flat tire at some point. Put Smitty Big Towing & Recovery on your speed-dial — 651.955.6475 — and we’ll take care of you and your flat tire.
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