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 Know Your Tow Truck Types

Know Your Tow Truck Types

There are three varieties of tow trucks that achieve the goal of relocating your vehicle to another location. While the results are the same the methods are diverse.
As the name would suggest a flatbed tow truck has a long flat carrying base where the vehicle sits during transit. They are commonly referred to as rollback trucks, due to the ability of the carrying base to roll backward at a downward angle, making it easier to load and unload. This makes the flatbed tow truck the most desirable form of towing. Causing little to no damage, with no stress being placed on the wheel frames, flat beds are the safest of the three towing options.  
Hook and chain tow trucks use a series of  chains that are hooked around the axles and frame of the car. The tow truck then pulls the car from behind. These types of trucks are almost obsolete due to the amount of damage inflicted on the vehicle. Now they are reserved for moving cars that have been junked or will be used for scrap. We at Smitty Big Tow do not use hook and chain tow trucks.
The last type of truck is a wheel lift. It was introduced to the market as a substitute for the hook and chain. The truck uses a metal yoke that is placed under the car’s wheels, a hydraulic system then lifts the back end of the vehicle for towing. This is perhaps the most common type of tow truck used because it is much safer than its predecessor, and less costly than the flatbed.
All in all, if you break down in Saint Paul and need your car towed there will be times we’ll use a wheel lift and times we’ll use a flatbed. That’s why we ask so many questions when you call in for a tow. Only by knowing this information are we able to discern the best tow truck at the lowest rate for your benefit. 

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