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Whether you’re stuck in mud or snow, or you swerved to avoid a wreck and ended up in a ditch, you’ll likely need winch-out services to get you back on the road. Because winching requires special equipment and skills, it’s important that you only call a tow truck company that has experience with pull out services. Smitty Big Towing has the experience and our 24-hour service is just a phone call away.

It is so frightening when you lose control of your car, end up in a roadside ditch and need to be pulled out. Sadly, the chances of this happening to you in St Paul, Minneapolis or anywhere in the State of Minnesota is higher than most other large metropolitan areas.

According to the AllState America’s Best Driver Report for 2016, Minnesota doesn’t have a reputation for being safe drivers. Minneapolis ranked 125th and St Paul ranked 172nd out of 200 safest driving cities in rain and snow. But lest you try to blame it on the fact that we have more snow and rain than other major metropolitan areas, the Minnesota Department of Transportation records show that we have more accidents when the roads are dry than when they are wet. The statistics below are for the State of Minnesota in 2015, as reported by Minnesota Department of Transportation.

minnesota accidents by road surface conditions 2015 orig
When you call Smitty Big Towing to request a pull out, it will be helpful if you are able to tell us how far your vehicle is from solid land or the nearest accessible road. This is so we make sure the tow truck driver takes the proper equipment to resolve your situation. Believe it or not, there is different winching equipment for different situations and we want to ensure that we take good care of you when we arrive.

If you have safety triangles in your car, place them at the roadside where your car is in the ditch. This is especially important if your car cannot be seen from the road. Not only will it help our tow truck driver find you, but it will warn other vehicles that you are there.

While you are waiting for our us to arrive, stay in your car. ​Especially if it’s wintertime in Minnesota. You know those wind chill temps can cause frostbite in little-to-no-time.

Once we arrive, we’ll need your driver’s license and vehicle registration information, so if you gather that while you’re waiting for us, it’ll be that much faster.

Don’t be fooled if a tow truck other than Smitty’s shows up. If a wrecker stops to help, let them know you’ve already called a truck and will wait. Sadly, there are some dishonest scam artists who troll for stranded motorists. Yes, they may know how to winch and tow your car, but they may also hold your car “hostage” in exchange for exorbitant fees to release your car back to you.

If anyone approaches your car, do NOT open your window or door. Crack the window just enough for them to be able to hear you and tell them you already have help on the way. Many Minnesotans are very helpful, but this is not the situation in which to risk your life to find out if you are dealing with “Minnesota Nice” or a psychopath. If at any time you feel unsafe, call us back. We will either stay on the phone with you until our truck arrives or we’ll call the local police on your behalf.

Our winching services aren’t limited to just on road vehicles, as our customer Daniel Miller (see below review) learned when his garden tractor quit working. We winched it out of the trees for him and got it back to his garage so he could repair the engine.

If you’ve got something that needs to be winched out, give us a call at 651.955.6475 or fill out the form on this page and Smitty Big Towing & Recovery will take care of you.

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