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10+ Years Experience

Our St. Paul Towing Company is a family owned business. Smitty and Michelle have owned many towing companies all across the nation and they know there are many tow truck companies to choose from, so they rely on their customer service and affordable tow truck rates to differentiate their tow truck company from others.

About Us

Smitty, with his wife, Michelle, have been serving St. Paul MN and the surrounding Twin Cities metro area with their St. Paul towing and roadside  assistance services since 2009 and have been receiving 5-star reviews for their work along the way.

As a small family owned St. Paul towing company, Smitty and Michelle understand your needs and have a wide variety of tow trucks to choose from. Smitty’s Big Towing Company also offers a wider variety of Emergency Roadside assistance services such as lockout, fuel delivery, tire change, and jump starts just to name a few.  

Though we all hope that we need not keep a tow truck on speed-dial, Smitty and Michelle want you to be so impressed with their superior service that you put  651.955.6475  in your phone…just in case!


When choosing a tow truck be aware that many services still require payment in cash. If you’re like most people today, you rarely carry a lot of cash. That’s why Smitty Big Towing and Recovery is pleased to offer their customers a choice of payment options.


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    Our Family Owned St. Paul Towing Company offers 24 hr. Emergency Towing Services & Roadside Assistance. 

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    When you call on Smitty Big Towing & Recovery for a tow, jump start, tire change or help getting back into your locked car, you are just as likely to have Smitty himself come to your aid as any of his tow truck drivers. Smitty will even bring gas to you if you’re stranded. That’s because Smitty wants to stay actively engaged in his business and with his customers so he can continually evolve and upgrade the necessary services to remain on top of the towing needs of the St. Paul/Minneapolis community.For example, Smitty not only tows cars, but can transport junk cars, boats, fish houses, sheds, construction equipment and material, machinery, equipment and, Michelle’s favorite, classic cars. If you have something that needs transporting, and don’t have the means to do so, give Smitty Big Towing & Recovery a call at 651-955-6475 or fill out the form on this page and Michelle will get back with you quickly.Speaking of classic cars, Smitty Big Towing & Recovery specializes in transporting classic cars. If you have a classic car that you need transporting, visit our Classic Cars Towing page for more detailed information.


    For most people, their car is the second greatest investment they make (after their home), so you definitely want a tow truck company who understands and appreciates the importance and value of your car. One way our St. Paul towing company does this is by using a flatbed tow truck. The flatbed tow truck is one of the three types of tow trucks used by tow truck operators. The sling tow truck, the one with the hook and chain, are no longer used as often, except to tow damaged vehicles that no longer have back or front wheels — or those damaged cars with steel bumpers (which are fewer and fewer every year). The reason some St. Paul towing companies decreased the use of the sling tow truck is because they scratch or damage the car from having to wrap a chain around the frame or axle of the car. The well known website, "HowStuffWorks" even says, “Cars equipped with all-wheel drive cannot be towed with a sling, since it can cause problems with the car’s drivetrain.”

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    Smitty Big Towing & Recovery is a locally owned, family operated St. Paul Towing company that provides professional towing & roadside assistance services to the residents of St Paul, Minneapolis and the Twin Cities MN metro area.


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