Cash For Junk Cars In St Paul

Are You Wondering Where to get cash for junk cars in St Paul and Surrounding Areas? Smitty Big Towing Does! As a top Minneapolis and St. Paul junk car buyer get A Free Quote Below  FREE Pick Up For Any Junk Car.

handshake 4011416 1920 origOur 24 hour cash for junk cars service puts more money in your pocket with zero hassle. We can tow your car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, RV, or any automobile you have. Where most people find it hard to sell back their car at a dealer or even in the neighborhood, we will buy your car from you no matter what condition it is in. 

How much money can I get for my junk car?

Our customers always want to know how valuable their junk car is. To get the most money for your Auto Salvage: Consider the following.
Your junk car might not be worth what you think or want for it… We buy for  scrap
Cash paid for any junk car depends on the size, make And Model. Just remember that we pay base on scrap value or metal value. Call us for specific answers to any question you might have  Call 651-955-6475
Rely on Smitty Big Towing & Recovery and avoid those junkyards that are out to scam you! We will take a look at your car to ensure you are getting the highest value for it. Or we will give you a FREE quote over the phone

Request Your Free Quote!

    When you contact us, we will ask you some questions to give you the best price for your car:

    • Do you have the title?
    • What is the year, make, and model of your car? 
    • What type of major damage does the car have?
    • Cosmetic damages don’t affect the price much but flood damage or mechanical issues might.
    • Providing pictures of your car makes the quoting process seamless and more efficient 

    Once we have a good idea of the value of your car, we will be on our way with your cash. 

    We Pay Cash for Junk Cars in The Twin Cities

    Make fast cash for your junk car! You can get more by selling your junker car to Smitty! Because we are already a well-known and established towing and recovery company in St Paul, we are not the only one of those places that buy junk cars for top dollar, but we sure are your best choice for both best prices and quick pick up and as always we offer FREE towing with the purchase of your scrap car.

    In some cases, whether you have a title to your car or not, we can come and pick your junk car up and give you CASH. Most cash for junk car companies won’t deal with cars without a title but as long as you have your government-issued ID and your registration, you can still junk your car. If we are unable to make a transaction without the title, due to any laws or statutes regarding your specific case, we will inform you at the time of the quote and help you recover the title so that you can get your cash.
    Looking for cash for your junk cars with same day pick-up?
    You can rely on the pros at Smitty Big Towing:

    • Easy process to sell your junk car with an instant quote. 

    Just fill out the quote form online or give us a call any time of the day and we’ll give you the quote over the phone, come with cash in hand, and tow your junk car away for free. 

    • High quality towing and equally high standards for customer service. 

    Just like with any one of our other tow services, our customers will enjoy courteousness, professionalism, and expert towing as we handle your junk car. We are happy to give you money because we love junk cars!

    Reasons you might want to earn some cash by selling your car:

    •  Your car is constantly breaking down and you are spending a lot of money to maintain and fix it 
    • Private selling is too risky and complicated 
    • Your car is not in good condition or does not run at all 
    • You are having trouble selling your car online 
    • You don’t want or need the car and would prefer an easy handoff
    • You think your car isn’t worth much money 
    • Your local car dealership isn’t offering you much in a fair trade 

    Take note that selling your car privately or going to a car dealership is a process and it most certainly isn’t the quickest way to get the car sold. Moreover, car dealerships will not offer you top dollar for your old or junk car because there’s no money to be had in that industry for old or junk cars. Car dealerships are buying whole cars whereas junk car towers are buying the car for parts. At Smitty Big Towing, we are affiliated with many mechanics and other automobile industries that need your junk car! This means we can turn your trash into cash!
    It’s the easiest cash you’ll ever make!

    Free Junk Car Removal in St Paul, MN

    We haul away junk cars for free to help you save money:

    • Removing your junk car from your lot can clear up a lot of space, leaving your lot free of clutter 
    • If your car is taking up space then it is also taking up money. Junk cars still have to have their insurance renewed as well as the license fees for the stickers . Turn that junker into cash today!
    • Junking, instead of shredding, your car is great for not only the economy but also for the environment. The improper disposal of cars can lead to dust, metal, glass, and other by-product wastes that have to be dealt with. But we can help you recycle your car while rewarding you with cash. Join the 12 million citizens that are taking care of the environment by calling Smitty Big Towing, your St Paul junk car buyer!

    Do you have a car to donate?
    We can handle car donation too. If you would rather donate your car to charity, Smitty Big Towing can help you get your car safely to a local nonprofit organization. 

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