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 Heavily Loaded Vehicles Encourage Tire Blowouts

Heavily Loaded Vehicles Encourage Tire Blowouts

A lot of people around the world choose car holidays over alternatives such as trains and flights. And it’s easy to understand; there are few means of transport that can measure up to the freedom that a car provides. A car holiday simply has many benefits, both practical and adventurous.

Before you go on a road trip, it is a good idea to have your vehicle serviced and to do any kind of repair work that needs doing.  Having your vehicle regularly serviced helps to avoid breakdowns along the way. You want to have your tires checked too because a tire bursting is always dangerous, regardless of the car you drive and how good you think you are as a driver.

Ensure proper air pressure

You also want to pack carefully and not overload your car. Air is what allows a tire to carry the weight of a car, its passengers and luggage. Without proper air pressure, all the internal components of the tire flex beyond their designed limits.

It is also important to check tires too, because on a long trip you want to do all you can to ensure the fuel efficiency of your car. The technician will check all fluids, filters, belts and hoses and also the tires to make sure they are not damaged and that the tread depth is well above the legal minimum. You should also have a spare wheel and tire available.

What a blow it can be when you are 80 miles into your trip and you experience a blowout – a burst tire. This is brought about by too little air pressure. It can also be because of old tires. Tires can only last for so many miles and then they start becoming thin, frayed and worn.

It is expensive, but one should always try to replace your tires as recommended by the manufacturer. A tire blowout can be so dangerous and also disappointing, especially when you were careful to check and make sure that your tires were in a good condition.

Rear tire bursts more dangerous

The way your car responds to a blowout depends quite a bit on which tire burst.  Rear-tire bursts are more chaotic and dangerous than front-tire bursts. All tire bursts are bad as they adversely affect the car’s handling, but with the rear tire there is really nothing the driver can do.

It can give you a massive jolt when you are cruising on the highway and you experience a disastrous tire blow-out. It may feel as if your last day has come as your car veers all over the road and sometimes into oncoming traffic.

Drive slower – you stand a better chance

Avoiding a blowout starts before the tire burst actually occurs. The first important step is to watch your speed. It goes without saying that the lower your speed, the better chance you have of surviving the blowout. Excessive speed can cause you to lose control of your car so it is always best to adhere to the speed limit in general.

Also, do not slam on brakes when this nightmare happens to you. Yes, it is natural to want to bring your ‘out of control’ car to a stop, but in this particular case, it will be disastrous. It will send your car into a total spin and you will lose control. If at all possible, allow your vehicle to coast to a stop. Once your car has stopped, turn on your emergency lights immediately.

24-hour towing service

Imagine all this happening and not being able to call on the right people for assistance. Certainly, before any long road trip, you need to have the name ‘Action Towing’ in your cell phone’s contact list.

Make your experience more pleasant

What sweet relief it can be, being able to call for professional roadside assistance in Edmonton, Canada and beyond. You want only a fully insured company helping you out and if they need to use a tow truck you want to know that the drivers are professionally trained and certified.

This is when you can have confidence that you are calling the right people. They will either help you replace a flat tire or if your car is in any way damaged, they can tow you to a nearby mechanic for repairs so that you can continue on your journey.

If you do not speed you should be able to survive a blowout and emerge unscathed. You will feel hopeless though if you do not know who to turn to, but with the name Action Towing tucked away safely into your cell phone, your blow out experience can almost be described as pleasant.

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