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 On Site Fuel Services Removes Extra Gas Expense Of Driving To Fuel Tanks

On Site Fuel Services Removes Extra Gas Expense Of Driving To Fuel Tanks

The best thing about on site fuel services is that a company running a fleet of vehicles does not have to have drivers driving far and wide to gas stations. Fleet fueling companies save you on gas expenses. On-site fuel services are essentially about fueling fleet vehicles at the company instead of the vehicles having to come to the fuel.

Fuel is dangerous because it is highly flammable and it can easily explode. All petrol stations can be dangerous places if people ignore warnings and signs, and even mobile phones around petrol pumps can trigger an explosion.

If your business has tanks, you will have to be familiar with local and federal laws for safety purposes. You also have to stay up to date with regulation changes.

On site fuel services – better control over it

On site fuel services – better control over it

Offroad diesel fuel prices are a little on the higher side. True, on-site- and off-site fuel storage comes with its own set of liability considerations. With on-site fuel, you are going to have to pay to insure against the risks, but you have better control over who and what is using fuel.

With on site fuel services, the fuel is bought on the open market from different suppliers. You could also have a fuel contract with fixed pricing that helps you manage costs better.

Fuel is like gold – it gets you places, and your staff might want it too – out of work hours. Fuel can be stolen by employees – as the idea of quickly filling up for the weekend is too tempting. Costs can become overwhelming if you do not have a tight rein on the fuel.

Fuel theft occurs in a few ways such as siphoning from the tank and also filling extra containers while refueling.

It is why mobile fueling works – it tackles these sorts of issues because having an on-site fuel storage tank helps you monitor precisely who is using fuel. There is software so that you can keep tabs on the fuel being filled into your fleet vehicles, not only from on-site fuel tanks but from any remote fuel station.

Above-ground storage easier

Many companies use on-site above-ground storage in addition to wet-fueling where the fleet is fueled for you. If you opt to store fuel on-site, above-ground storage has far more advantages than in-ground storage tanks.

These above-ground storage tanks are easier to inspect, easier to move and they cost less up-front. A lot of excavation is required for the underground tanks. There are standards and specifications that have to be followed for these tanks in terms of wall thickness and fitting. Certainly, regular maintenance will need to be part of the plan.

On-site tanks for a variety of fuels

On-site tanks for variety of fuels


Portable fueling stations are all about reducing operational costs and they are manufactured, making use of the best engineering practices and also quality materials. The tanks are protected from leakage and heavy weather conditions.

The portable fuel stations undergo strict quality checks and certifications so as to comply with international standards. They can be used for all kinds of liquids such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene, and vegetable oil.

Off-road diesel, classified as a Class II combustible liquid, is dyed red for the purpose of showing it is untaxed and for off-road fuel uses. Typically this would be for agricultural use for equipment not used on a public road.

You can imagine that in some rural areas it just is not viable to have a fixed gas station because of lack of infrastructure. Then a portable, on site set-up is ideal and the tanks can dispense between 50 and 120 liters of fuel a minute, sometimes more.

There is a counter with price as well as liter indication for electronic billing.  The handy mobile filling station can easily be used for the refueling of trucks, construction machinery, cars, and boats. They can even be used on airfields if a company’s fleet consists of a helicopter or small plane.

On site fuel can be adapted to suit

On site fuel can be adapted to suit

Nothing is set in stone with these portable on site gas station units and they can be adapted and adjusted to suit. If required, for instance, additional room space can be added such as an office. Also, If you need a new tank or you want to upgrade what you have, you can.

On site fuel services are important because fuel is such a pricey commodity and you will need to find the best ways to protect and manage your fuel and fleet if you want peace of mind.

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