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 How To Put Gas In Your Car: In 6 Simple Steps

How To Put Gas In Your Car: In 6 Simple Steps

Many of us as teenagers learn how to drive a car, however, later on, realize that driving a vehicle is not the only thing to know about cars. Vehicles later on due to wear and tear are prone to breakdowns. In such situations, most of us are left clueless and don’t know what is wrong with the vehicle. Whether it be knowing how to put gas in your car or how to change tires, one should be well equipped in dealing with any situation that may come their way.

We believe in taking baby steps and learning the basics, so in this guide, we will show you how to put gas in your car. You might be overwhelmed at first if it’s your first time learning how to drive, but trust us, it’s not as difficult as you would think.

How to put gas in your car step by step

how to put gas in your car

Follow the steps below if you’re here to learn how to put gas in your car.

  1. To learn how to put gas in your car, the first thing you need to do is locate your gas tank. The gas tank is not always on the right side of the car but depending on the car it can also be found on the left. It is important to know this so you know how to park your car at the pumping station. The easy way to know where the gas tank is located is to look at the triangle-shaped arrow on the vehicle dashboard near the gas meter or gauze.
  2. The second thing you need to do is pay for the gas you need. Most pumps accept credit cards and cash while some only accept card payments. Before you go to the shop at the station, look at the fuel pump your car is parked at. It will have a number written on it to designate which fuel pump it is. Go to the station shop and approach the person at the counter. Let them know that you want to fill up your vehicle with gas.
  3. When filling up gas, you have three options; premium, mid-grade, and regular gas. Do make sure that your vehicle is a petrol vehicle. If it is a diesel vehicle then you need to park your car next to a diesel pump. If petrol, stick with regular fuel unless you’re driving a sports car. Let the cashier know how many liters you would want or how much amount of money you want to spend on fuel. Let them do the math and pay accordingly.
  4. Upon paying, your fuel pump will get active. Head back to your pump and open your vehicle’s gas tank. Typically, you can access your vehicle’s gas tank by opening it with a key. However, some vehicles do not have a keyhole in the gas tank compartment. In such situations, you will find a small pull lever or pull button under your steering or on the floor below your seat. Pull the lever or button and the gas tank door will swing open. Unscrew the gas tank cap.
  5. Take the fuel nozzle from the fuel pump and push it into the gas tank. It’s important to secure the nozzle inside the tank so pull down on it so it fits securely in place. Once in place, pull the nozzle’s trigger and it will start to pump gas in your vehicle. The nozzle will stop automatically at the digit of liters you’ve paid for.
  6. Once done, put the nozzle back in place and screw your vehicle’s gas tank cap back on. Tighten it securely to avoid gas leakage during driving. Close the door and it should click. Voila! That’s how to put gas in your car.

Tips when filling up the gas

how to put gas in your car

As you’ve known how to put gas in your car by now, let’s talk about some tips about refilling your car. These tips greatly help you in the way of learning how to put gas in your car.

Avoid mobile phone usage

Stay alert at a gas station and avoid your mobile phone at all times. Although a mobile phone will not cause any sparks leading to fire, it will keep you distracted when your attention should be on your surroundings.

Don’t overfill your tank

Many people pump the trigger for far too long which can overfill your vehicle and cause spillage. Trust the automatic nozzle shutoff rather than giving additional nozzle trigger pulls.

Keep gas away from your hands or skin

If you’ve got gas on your hands accidentally then immediately wash it off with water and soap. Gas is hazardous for human lungs and can affect your skin negatively especially if you have sensitive skin.

Don’t let kids get out of the car

The pumping station is no place for kids to roam around. You as an adult can take in fumes but children are very sensitive and need to be taken care of. Don’t let kids run around the fuel station.

Report fire incident immediately

In case, while refueling if there is fire, step back and leave the nozzle in the gas tank. If you pull the nozzle out, it’ll spread fire across the pumping station causing more damage. Immediately go to the gas station attendee and report the incident.

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