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 Miracle In A Can: What is Fix a Flat and How Does Fix a Flat Work

Miracle In A Can: What is Fix a Flat and How Does Fix a Flat Work

Over the years, there has been a constant debate among car enthusiasts and DIY experts, “how does fix a flat work”? Many people do not have a spare tire in the back of the boot but they usually carry a roadside tire sealant to repair a flat if it occurs. Most of the repair kits available online require an array of tools and knowledge to use, however for temporary repair of tires fix-a-flat is recommended by many. We will provide a bit of information on fix a flat, how does fix a flat work and how to use it.

Getting a flat in the middle of nowhere is not something for the faint-hearted. There is absolutely nothing exciting about being stranded with a flat tire trying to hitchhike a ride or wait for AAA to come and sort the situation out for you. Sometimes a problem might seem really huge, however upon understanding it the problem becomes a very minor one. This is why many people suggest keeping some handy tools and knowing how to use them to fix minor issues.

Before we show you how does fix a flat work, let’s look at what it really is.

What is fix a flat?

fix a flat work
fix a flat work

Before learning how does fix a flat works, let’s first talk about what is fix a flat. Fix a flat is one of those solutions in the market that will help repair your flat tire. However, fix a flat is a temporary solution and will not result in a permanent fix of your flat tire. That being said, it can be found in a yellow aerosol can and can easily be concealed in your car in case of emergencies.

It is safe to use and very easy to learn how to use it. Within a few minutes and without any tools, fix a flat can seal a fourth of an inch of punctures. It even inflates your tire too.

Now you may be wondering how an aerosol product can fix your flat tire and have you up and running in no time. Let’s give you a quick answer, yes it does work and we’ll show you how does fix a flat work so you know the science behind the product.

How does fix a flat work?

After learning what a fix a flat is, it’s time for you to know how does fix a flat works. Fix a flat is a tire repair solution that contains three components; a sealant, solvent, and propellant. The solvents ensure that the sealants which are used to seal the opening of a tire adhere to the rubber tire. The propellant on the other hand pushes the much-needed sealant into the tire with pressure inflating it as much as possible. Initially, it starts out as a liquid and slowly turns into a hardened foam.

The aerosol can ensure that the tire is filled with enough gas so that it lifts the rim off the ground. Driving on a rim can not only damage your tires but also your vehicle’s axle and suspension.

As mentioned earlier, it is a temporary fix meaning fix a flat provides enough pressure for a vehicle to be driven to the nearest mechanic to get your tires fixed or repaired properly.

So, here’s the situation. You’ve pulled your car over to the side of the road due to a flat tire. You have fixed a flat aerosol available in your glove compartment. You know what fix a flat is and how does fix a flat work. So, how do you use one?

How to use fix a flat

how does fix a flat work

Here are the steps to follow if you have a flat tire and have fixed a flat available with you.

  1. If you haven’t already pulled to the side of the road, do that immediately.
  2. You will see a black cap on your tire, unscrew the cap with your hands and keep it in a safe place as you’ll be needing it later once done.
  3. Take your fix a flat and put it on the valve stem of the tire and screw it on the stem. You’ll start to hear that the tire is filling with air.
  4. Once the pressure subsides, that means the filling has been complete. Remove the can by unscrewing it.
  5. Close the tire’s nozzle by putting the black cap on it. Drive back home or to the nearest mechanic to repair your tire permanently.

Avoid using fix a flat for long drives because:

  • Fix a flat does not guarantee even circulation of the fluid and therefore can cause uneven tire
  • Some vehicles have tire monitoring systems which can be affected negatively with fix a flat.
  • Since it hardens into a foam, fix a flat can damage the rims of your vehicle.
  • Too much usage of fix a flat can damage your tire’s rubber as the substance in the yellow can when mixed with water can become corrosive.

As you’ve already known what a fix a flat is and how does fix a flat works, you can instantly save yourself from those annoying mid-road flat tire situations.

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