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 Dependable Emergency Roadside Assistance For All Vehicles

Dependable Emergency Roadside Assistance For All Vehicles

Emergency Roadside Assistance to Rescue Any Vehicle Type No Matter How Large

Emergency roadside assistance can be needed for all vehicles, even huge semi-trucks, big rigs or 18 wheelers as they are known, thunder across American roads, and in 2018 it was reported that 11,000,000 of these commercial trucks operated on the roads.

These semi-trucks are a combination of a tractor unit and semi trailer that carries freight long- and short-distance. They can, however, run on their own without hauling a semi-trailer.

They keep business rolling

Without an emergency roadside assistance for these semi-trucks – the business would come to a halt.

It is not any driver that can climb into the cab of these trucks. You have to be specially trained to drive these trucks. Emergency roadside service is often required to recover trucks that have been driven into a ditch because the driver was not licensed or experienced.

To drive a truck of this magnitude, you need a CDL which comes in three classes – A, B and C. Tractor-trailers of 80 000 pounds require a driver having a class A license. In spite of the driver’s being licensed, accidents are happening all the time.

Most of us have seen a jackknifed truck -when the trailer has swung out, forming an angle of 90 degrees. Emergency roadside services are always required for a jackknifed truck, a truck with a tire blow-out or an overturned truck, when a driver takes a curve too quickly.

Losing control of the vehicle and causing it to flip is a common emergency roadside assistance event.  If your truck is stuck along the side of the road, you need a serious tow truck company. You can’t afford to be off the roads and out of action.

Recovery towing services

If you need truck towing, why not call Action Towing?   They offer special recovery towing services making use of special equipment to move these huge vehicles back to safety Also, their roadside technicians are not just your regular backyard mechanics – these are certified technicians who have all the expertise to work on semi trucks.

The company is also fully insured, making sure that all their truck drivers are fully equipped, professionally trained and certified to that nothing restricts them from doing a proper job.

Day or night, these towing services operate 24/7. While the drivers observe traffic rules, they know how to reach your spot of distress quickly and efficiently so they can get to work just as soon as possible. They also provide free phone consultations to allow stranded drivers to easily discuss their towing requirements.

Large vehicles like such as these semi-trucks need heavy-duty tow trucks to haul them to safety.  Emergency roadside assistance services are often called out to rescuing a huge truck that slid into a ravine. Then it requires mighty powerful, unique trucks and skills to haul it to safety.

A top option for truck recovery

Due to their heavy mass, special tools, experience, and training are required to recover heavy-duty vehicles, but Action towing, have the expertise and the right equipment to handle these heavy-duty recoveries. It is no wonder that Action Towing is the top option for recovery services across Edmonton. Their tow trucks are able to carry heavy loads safely, and for them, it is all in a day’s work – as easy as towing a regular car.

If you have a heavy semi-truck that is stuck on the side of the roadside for whatever reason, the Action Towing team removes your stress – they are here for you as dealing with tractor-trailer breakdown recoveries is what they are about.

Their services are not limited to Edmonton either as their towing services extend to include both long- and short-distance towing. Their tow trucks and driver are ready to carry out all kinds of trucks and loads.

They have got several different types of tow trucks that work differently to cater for all kinds of towing problems out on the roads, from wheel-lift tow trucks to flatbed low trucks and others, all with the appropriate pulling power to provide help in the most extreme weather conditions.

These towing experts know that when it comes to semi-truck towing they have to adhere to rigid rules and regulations as these huge trucks are extremely weighty. It goes without saying that they create more dangers on the road.

Prompt Truck Aid

Without an emergency roadside assistance, you could say that every truck driver’s safety is at stake, and without these services being available, a journey is risky. Any emergencies are handled when Action Towing comes to your aid promptly.

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